Playing in the Sandpit

When: Tuesday, May 21st 4-5pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10) See timeanddate for your day and timezone.

About this session: This is an ‘unconference’ style webinar where participants are encouraged to bring along some of the latest tools or apps that they are using or ‘playing’ with. Those who join us will have the chance to play with the tools, share what they have learnt and discuss how it could be used in the classroom or learning. Alternatively, come along with questions about some tools that you would like to use.To kickstart the session, I will share  fotor, a great online image editing tool and some of my favourite apps for twitter use.

Please join us by clicking on this link.  If you cannot join us, what tools or apps are you trialling or playing with? Please leave a comment below.

Google+ plus


When: Tuesday July 26th, 4 -5pm, Melbourne, Australia time (gmt+10)google plus

About the session: During last week’s webinar, there was high interest shown in google+. This session will feature a discussion amongst participants on google+ and then continue with further conversations around web2.0 tools, questions, issues etc. As part of the google+ discussion, Britt Gow will share her experiences so far.

Here is the link to the recording

Some useful sites

  1. How to search google+
  2. 21 Plus Interesting ways to use google+ to support learning

Five Google+ Tips from Tekzilla

Tech Talk Tuesdays Special:- If it’s not delicious, do we diigo our bookmarks?


The twittersphere has been active with tweets regarding the news that the future of delicious (a popular online social bookmarking tool) is in jeopardy or about to change its platform. Delicious was one of my top 10 web2.0 tools and has been user friendly and popular with many. Most people are now exporting their bookmarks to diigo. This session will be a general discussion on what action can or should be taken, is diigo the best alternative, how do people export their bookmarks, what are the benefits of diigo and other alternatives etc.

It is hoped that some experienced users of both tools will join in this general sharing session. Come whether you are new or experienced.

Date of session: Tuesday, December 21st, 3:45-4:45pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt +10)

Here is the link to the session