Footsteps in Digital Learning

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When: Tuesday 2nd August 4-5pm, Melbourne, Australia time (gmt+10)

About this session:- There are a wide range of technological devices available today and many have a use in the classroom. This session will talk about some of these devices and how some schools are using them in the classroom at a variety of levels and subjects with great success.  We will look at devices such as iPods and iPads, netbooks, digital microscopes, spypens, beebots, virtual worlds, games and making 3D movies with Flip Cameras.  Our presenter will be Marion Spencer. She may be joined by Trudy Brentnall.

About Marion Spencer:- After being in the classroom for over 30 years as a primary teacher, Marion was seconded to a regional position to train teachers in the use of ICT in educating students. As an Ultranet coach and a regional ICT role for the last four years, this work has continued with the added bonus of the Ultranet. Marion is also a Regional Innovations Liaison Officer for the Victorian Department of Education.

Here is the link to join in the session.

3D Virtual Worlds – One School’s Journey

Steve Collis kept us captivated and engaged with his comprehensive presentation on 3D Virtual Worlds – One School’s Journey! He showed us screen grabs of the island that had been built, showed the sets that had been created by students and spoke of the amazing social and engagement outcomes for students.
From the chat

  • Steve Collis youtube information video
  • Steve uses Linden Lab, Closed Teen Island estate and Open Sim in Reaction Grid
  • Rita: For anyone who is interested, we have a case study of a primary school example and their use of OpenSim on the Netbook Trial wiki:
  • jokaydia and ISTE Island…great places for educators
  • With OpenSim, you also have ability to archive a grid…means you can replace with something else but reload it later – it is amazing!!!

Newbies should try:- Orientation Island, Help Island
For a bit of a laugh: – True Confessions of Second Life newbies
Participant 1: First time in SL, attended an online Asian teachers meeting and did not load properly due to poor internet connection, appeared as a puff of smoke. To top it off the person I was next to, sent me text message and asked me to get off his lap! I did not know how to chat back, nor how to even get out of there. Second time in SL, my clothes did not load properly and my underpants were showing!
Participant 2: My first time was at a conference for teachers so my friends began among educators. But I had to ask how to sit and then I teleported and forgot to stand up -so i had to ask what to do.
Participant 3: Haha I got stuck behind a screen and couldn’t get out Response by participant: That happens to me all the time! except on phantom walls
Ok I am going to give SL another go…..