What do I do with Web2.0?

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Jess McCulloch – an early uptaker of and innovator with web2.0, a young mother, a treasured colleague and vivacious presenter, talked about “My Use of Web 2.0”. Jess ably walked us through her blog and other favourite websites, featuring a number of web2.0 tools, answered questions and demonstrated their purpose. Jess talked about the Interactive Whiteboard Challenge which she organises and showed the wiki that is used for this project. Her audience came from a large number of countries – Germany, England, Canada, USA, Australia, Vietnam, South America and Ukraine. Listen to the recording.

From the chat:

The Power of Mobile Learning

The presenter this week was Louise Duncan, the 2009 winner of the Lindsay Thompson Fellowship, the DEECD’s highest award for a Victorian educator. Louise has pioneered teaching and learning with iPod touches over several years and willingly shared her knowledge with us during this inspiring session. 

From the chat came the following

From Louise’s presentation

  • ischool initiative
  • Some useful apps:- pastebot and pastebot sync, iTalk, brushes, keynote movies, sonic pics and many more (Watch the recording for an extensive list and explanation)

 Listen to the elluminate recording or continue reading about her journeys in her blog:- Personalizing Learning with the iPod touch.

Equipping the digital classroom

This session looked at the digital classroom or one that is moving at the cutting edge of technology.  Interactive discussion centred around the following questions.

  • What would it look like?
  • What would we hear?
  • How would it feel?
  • What  equipment would you need?
  • What are the essential and/or highly recommended hardware requirements.  
  • Staffing requirements?
  • Types of software and online tools used. 
  • Which age groups?

Participants joined in the discusson centred around these topics, with several moderators controlling the discussion.

Listen to the recording