Videoconferencing beyond classroom walls – Part 2

When: Tuesday, April 24th at 4 pm, Melbourne, Australia time (gmt +11)

About the session: Last week, we looked at Videoconferencing beyond classroom walls using skype. Our participants included Australian educators, a teacher from Russia, Indonesia and Nepal. Govinda from Nepal and Endang from Indonesia spoke about themselves and their classes need to connect beyond their third world countries.
This week we continue with more conversations around the following uses of skype and videoconferencing in the classroom:-

  1. Why use videoconferencing?
  2. Examples of classroom use
  3. Tips on successful videoconferencing
  4. Stepping through the more powerful features of skype
  5. Alternatives to skype
  6. Useful skype add-ons
  7. and more!
Add any questions that you might have or any links to resources, as a comment below and we shall discuss them. Please note that this session will be recorded.

Here is the link to the recording