Technology today and how the seniors have taken it on!

When: Tuesday May 20th, 2014 from 4-5pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10) See timeanddate for your timezone

Where: Blackboard Collaborate. Link to the recording

About this session: Peter Opitz will be guest presenter for this fascinating webinar. He will share his experiences from the local golf club at introducing technology to the seniors, now that Australia has broadband in many areas. Peter will share on the following:

  • the basics and basic skills that need to be taught to those seniors who are absolutely new to computers and technology
  • what tools and software are introduced
  • some of the online help sites used
  • how to work with photos
  • hints and tips
  • the first online conference for seniors

About our presenter: Peter is the trainer at Howlong Golf Club doing the “Broadband for Seniors” program. Why would he rather be behind a computer than on the golf course? Read more at Anyone for Golf? Peter also provides this information about himself:-

My interest in computers didn’t start until I bought a 386 running Windows 3.1 in 1989. Unlike today’s prices, back in those days, buying a computer would set you back at least a couple of grand for anything decent. I joined Melbourne PC User Group and did a course on DOS later in ’89.  I kept up with IT at weekend markets in Melbourne – travelling from Epping to Dandenong, Moorabbin, Ivanhoe, Maribyrnong and the city.I now have three computers, 2 laptops and my desktop PC and 2 of them are running Vista.

Also I have a 10” and a 6” tablet that I purchased to practice with and just to see what they have on these small devices.   The phone is pretty much working overtime as I go through the day, be it at work at IGA, at the Golf Club, or just around the home assisting via email.

Currently, I am the BFS Trainer at Howlong Country Golf Club and have taught around 40 to 50 people on various aspects of either their own computers, or the PC’s at the Club.  A large majority already have a PC and just have queries on getting out of tight spots.  The number of regulars would be about 12 people and there is only the one that is a regular visitor to the Kiosk each week or fortnight.

Check out the wiki that has been set up for the seniors

Please join us and learn about this level of learning in our communities.