Where to find free PD online – 24/7

When: Tuesday August 11th, 4-5pm, Melbourne Australia timed (gmt or utc +10)

Where: The Australia eSeries Blackboard Collaborate room  View the Blackboard Collaborate recording of this fabulous session with Peggy.

Peggy George, of the USA,  moderator of the weekly Classroom 2.0 webinars, was a recent keynote presenter for the Speaks Volumes online conference. The theme of this conference was Super Heroes. Peggy’s presentation was “Charge up your PLN! A credit card with no expiration date!”

Peggy  will step us through many of the options for free PD online, using her amazing bank of resources that she has gathered and placed in a live binder as part of her presentation.

Please join us and join in the conversations.

Playing in the Sandpit – the Outcome

Collage created in fotor

As this was an unconference style workshop session, there is always an element of uncertainty as to how things will pan out. However, it was a great session, with educators from Australia, UK and USA playing and sharing together. You can listen to the recording by clicking on this link.

Here is what it looked like:-

  1. Peggy George (@peggygeorge) shared the app she has created for Classroom2.0LIVE using cleverlize – the app creating program that we learnt about in last week’s session.
  2. An application share revealed the sites that Carole McCulloch had shared as a comment on this webinar posting on the Australia Series blog:- Tools that are collated on the SA eLearning site and Marlene Manto’s blog where the most recent post shared some great sites for MS Powerpoint.
  3. Jo Frei shared some great images from her blog Sprite’s site and Gifted Resources blog
  4. I shared fotor – a collage making online tool, that is free and requires no registration – always a bonus when working with students. Participants were quickly shown the basics and then given 3 mins to create their own collage. A quick demo was given on saving and sharing options. Participants copied their collages onto the whiteboard in Blackboard Collaborate and shared their results – a wonderful diversity of experiences and interests.
  5. Marc Grossman @UKGrossman from UK demonstrated the new look Scratch 2.0
  6. Peggy discussed her attendance at the virtual 4T Conference over the last few days and shared her livebinder for March Classroom2.0 featuring a presenter on Scratch and Stretchinstructor.
  7. Finally people shared some of the collage making tools that they liked using – photoscape, pizap and shape collage, jigsaw maker

How to create Google Maps and learning in Tech Talk Tuesday

View Tech Talk Tuesday map in a larger map

A presenter was unable to make the session this Tuesday for Tech Talk Tuesday, so at late notice, I racked my brain to think of a topic. My students enjoy creating a personalised google map. They are encouraged to document their classroom global connections in their blogs. Adding pins or markers to a google map are ideal as text, links, images and even videos can be inserted or embedded, creating a rich ePortfolio.

The webinar started and Georgia’s blog post was shared through app sharing. Her place markers or pins in India, Indonesia, US, Japan, Russia etc revealed a mixture of text and images. I was then simnply going to show how to create a google map, add a pin, some text and an image and move onto other google applications.

As I commenced the demonstration, I thought how much richer is the learning if I create the map, share it with the participants and they add their own pin or marker of where they live as we had people from South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Australia and from Canada and USA. This could on the spur of the moment, become a hands on lesson. (the kind that students love in the classroom). It was then that it became messy as I had not created a collaborative map before. The map I created was called Tech Talk Tuesday and then made public. The link to the map was shared in the chat, but participants could not edit that map. Here is the link to the recording of this session.

It was at that stage, my google map went all over the world, deciding to go on an ever revolving space into the depths of the ocean – I just could not control it. This was getting ‘messy’ and almost unprofessional. Fortunately, my wonderful colleague, Peggy George was present and she took over the app sharing and I was able to step her through it. With the support of the participants, our collective brain or networked brain came to the fore and we were finally able to each add a pin of where we lived. (except me!) We then proceeded to learn how to add an image after some trial and error. @soingirl from Canada had embed code for a video but we were not able to work that one out. However, Peggy George used a flipped classroom approach, and worked it out once the session had finished by discovering a youtube video. This was despite that fact that it was very late at night for her!

What was the learning?

the teacher doesn’t have to know everything. Call on a support team, let their brain, knowledge and creativity come to the fore and work together to solve the problem.
learn with others
collective or crowdsourced learning can occur successfully in an online environment.
do not give up, think outside the square
motivation, enthausiasm and curiousity will drive learning beyond the classroom walls seeking an online solution.
“hands on” can work well, everyone completed one outcome.
Follow these steps to create a google map

Login to your gmail account or register for one.
Click on the maps link>create map>goto my places
Click on red button> create map
Search for your location
Right click on location>add a pin or drag a pin to the location
Change the pin style (see some of the different pins added by participants in map above!)
Click on collaborate – if you wish to share the map with others so they can add pins. Great for students in classrooms as they do not need to register for gmail.
Choose the permissions – either email invitations or allow anyone to edit and/or invite others. See screen dump below
Look for link icon, click on it, copy and paste the link to share with others, or the shortened link or grab the embed code. Paste that code into the html section of a blog, wiki or other appropriate online space.
Double click on the pin, add text. Add an image, grab the embed code, click on html link, then choose rich text and save. See Peggy’s comment on this post to learn how to add the video option.

Some existing google maps
Amazing Google treks (shared by Peggy George)
What resources could you share? How have you used google maps? Feel free to add a pin to our map. Please add some text or an image to the pin. Do you have any questions. Dont forget to listen to the recording of this session and watch the learning. Would love any feedback via a comment on this post.

Live Binders

When: Tuesday October 30th, 4-5pm, Melbourne, Australia time (gmt+11)

About the Session: Live Binders will be the topic of conversation this week with our special guest presenter, Peggy George of Arizona USA. Peggy is well known globally in her role as a co-host of Classroom2.0LIVE, the popular, long running webinar series.

Peggy will demonstrate the power of live binders for curation purposes, show some wonderful examples of its use and then show how to create your own. Peggy will use web tour and app sharing to take participants on a tour of some of these resources to show them the possibilities of Livebinders. See a recent example. Participants will be shown how to use it for personal, group or student use. Come along and share in the conversations.

Here is the link to the recording of this session.

Treasures of Classroom2.0 LIVE

Classroom2.0 was one of the first nings that I joined. It had a membership of 3000 but I made some fabulous contacts, became a welcoming host and got even better connected. So, when Classroom2.0 LIVE started, I would try and listen to as many recordings as possible. There were some fabulous topics and presenters but as it is my sleeping time, I do not get to participate in real time.

It was to my surprise and sheer delight, that Peggy George, from Arizona, USA one of the organisers of Classroom2.0 LIVE started coming to the Tech Talk Tuesday sessions and added to the conversations in chat with links to many fabulous online tools, resources, events, recordings, blogs, wikis etc. So, it was with great pleasure that I was able to introduce Peggy as our guest presenter on the above topic where Peggy shared the richness of the Classroom 2.0 LIVE site. There was a broad cross section of educationalists from across the globe, including USA, Australia, Canada, Valenzuela: Mexico City, Hawaii, Baku (west coast of the Caspian Sea- north of Iran)

Peggy started the session with an animoto video which summarised many of the presentations that have been part of Classroom2.0 LIVE, accompanied by an appropriate song by Kevin Honeycutt. She used a web tour and application sharing to highlight the elements of the Classroom2.0 LIVE site, showed us gl.am and yolinks and many other fantastic resoureces.

Don’t miss the recording of this session

From the chat came the following

see also Kathleen McGeady’s post