Blogging isnt Just for Big Kids

Kathleen McGeady was our  fabulous presenter this week, speaking about the power of blogging, especially with her young class.  Kathleen blogs with grade 2s (7-8 year olds) with a class blog, called 2KM She spoke about the many elements of blogging including comments. It was through comments that she met Linda Yollis  from USA and a firm partnership developed, along with others. A Ugandan Project that was organised between these schools and one in Shanghai raised $20,000! Amazing!

Links shared by Kathleen:-

  1. The Ugandan Project video
  2. Tools to use within the blogging platform :- glitzvokitagxedoslideshare,polldaddy, teachertubephotobucketembedit,
  3. Check out these blogs
  4. globber
  5. Getting started with edublogs

From the chat:-

  • Mel Cashen 1: Tom Barrett suggests tagging posts with student names and this can form a portfolio at the end of th year
  • Mel Cashen 1: Today I left a video explaining the lesson for a CRT on the blog.  Easy access for the teacher and the kids can then go back and watch it again at home.
  • Kelly: HUGE bonus of a blog is the parent support
  • Sample of a young student’s blog
  • Mel Cashen 1: We do a lunchtime blogging club every Friday
  • Linda Yollis: I have the parents set up the blog with the children. I did some parent ed.
  • Jenny Ashby: yes its better in context as part of the learning not an extra
  • Jayne: How old are your students? This could be great inspiration to my adult ESL students – to see what young children can do!
  • Have used Kidblog as a blog for young kids and beginners
  • the edublogger for lots of great help and advice
  • Sue Wyatt aka tasteach: or join the student blogging challenge which I run twice a year for ten week periods
  • Primary tech teacher
  • google reader for blog subscriptions
  • Linda 4: twitter is a must

Blogs shared:-

  1. Kids in the mid
  2. 4/5/6 Learning Centre
  3. LEEP
  4. 2kj Leopold PS
  5. Mrs Yollis Classroom blog
  6. Epsom Primary School
  7. The Reading Roundup
  8. Teaching Literacy
  9. The Global Education Conference

Here is the link to the recording.