Teapotting – Social networking and Learning Adventures

This was a fascinating session where a group of teachers in a small country school setup a teapotting facebookgroup in opposition to the potentially dangerous planking facebook group. What started out as a bit of fun, overnight turned into a social networking group that now boasts 5000 plus fans. In this time, many rather amazing learning adventures have taken place and the power and potential of social networking in education become increasingly apparent. Thanks to Anne De Manser,  Alison Coate & Olivia Campbell who honestly and capably led us through this presentation. If you support or even doubt the value of facebook in education, then you MUST listen to the recording.

What we learnt from session/experience

From the chat:

  • Interesting also that Mark Z is looking to open fb up to U/13s
  • Facing IT group for educators
  • The page was started on Monday 16th May
  • Penny: I could’nt believe how quickly the media took ownership of the story.
  • Penny: I’ve seen pics of people teapotting while they are planking
  • (Alison and Olivia): Interesting the ‘rival’ pages – there were over 40 of them, some inappropriate
  • Here is the abc interview of Anne
  • (Alison and Olivia): Definitely… people stared to defend us when there was negativity and they point out poor language
  • (Alison and Olivia): But we’ve only had to delete 11 comments
  • Digital citizenship lessons – you are teaching many
  • (Alison and Olivia): Oh Anne – talk about the Urban Dictionary thing
  • and bring up the Urban Dictionary
  • (Alison and Olivia) and the negativity online newspapers vs teapotting
  • Penny: Loved the image in front of the Windsor – the valet teapotted!
  • (Alison and Olivia): Lots yes – Norway, Belgian, Thailand, US, Germany, Taiwan etc (teapotting images from all over the world
  • Geoff – legitimise social media as a tool and not a threatmargm: some of the loudest protests, are fuelled by fear of technology.
  • Marg M Some of the people who are criticise it the most, do NOT use it and only hear the bad things in the media and they are frightened their kids will be exposed to perverts and paedophiles
  • Our literal ‘FB’ pages – up around the wall. Getting them to realise that everyone will see what you write…
  • Face book is where the kids live, it is another space that they hang out in – the milk bar hangouts are disappearing and facebook appearing
  • Mortlake College has a number of closed facebook groups – gets the right audience
  • some of the quietest students will open up if they can FB you
  • Marg – I belong to a digital photo project – where you upload a photo a day and we have heaps of students now joining the project. The quietest kid in the school, checks out my photos every day and leaves amazing comments. I hardly know this girl even thoguh she’s been there for 10 years. I know more about her now than ever before.
  • margm: and we get a window into who they are outside of school
  • penny: such a great way to see FB in a positive light
  • penny: you need to educate students to clean up their facebook pages before they go out into the workforce
  • Geoff; The next stage the evolution of digital immigrants
  • margm: Thanks all – fascinating session. My mind is spinning

Teapotting or Planking: Country School starts Teapotting Global Craze

When: Tuesday June 7th, 4 to 5pm, Melbourne, Australia time (gmt +10)

About this session: HOT on the heels of planking, ‘teapotting’ is the newest internet craze to take off across the country. Students at Mortlake P12 College, a small country school in SW Victoria, Australia  “invent their own internet craze using facebook and learn some salient lessons about social media, social responsibility and mainstream media moral panics along the way” (abc country radio).

The presenter: Come and listen to Anne de Manser speak about this amazing development. Bring your questions, experiences with facebook in education etc.

Here is the link to the session.