Building a Digital Classroom with the Globe!

Question:What do you get when you mix the following together:-

  • pre-service teachers
  • graduate teachers
  • experienced teachers
  • university lecturers
  • Lectures from TAFE
  • Adult Educators in Community Neighbourhood Houses
  • Vocational Education and Training Educators
  • Virtual Educators/Face to Face Educators
  • Educators from third world countries and developed countries
  • a mix of countries – Korea, Mexico, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia
  • first timers to elluminate, experienced users of elluminate

Answer:  An amazing sharing of conversations, exchange of ideas, networking and collaboration.

Tech Talk Tuesdays commenced this week with an informal discussion on building a “Digital Classroom”. Above is a summary of the mix of educators in the virtual meeting room, all sharing learning and knowledge, building a digital classroom together. 

If you have not attended an online webinar, please consider joining in, as there is so much to be learned, so much to be shared, so much to innovate!

Participants are keen to pursue and discuss global frameworks. So, stay tuned!

Listen to the recording

But, what if,

  1. this mix continues,
  2. what if we can transfer this type of ‘meeting place’ to students,
  3. what if….?

It is not what if, it is we can!

Tech Talk Tuesdays: Building a Digital Classroom in 2011

digital classroom

Tuesday February 8th from 4pm to 5pm Melbourne, Australia time (gmt+11)

Come along and join in our first Tech Talk Tuesday webinar in 2011. (Please note the later starting time.) This will be a general sharing of conversations and discussions amongst participants about:-

  • Goals for 2011
  • What is a digital classroom?
  • What are the basic hardware essentials of a digital classroom?
  • What are the best web2.0 tools to use?
  • What online/global projects are there to participate in?
  • How do we find connections? etc

Here is a link to the recording. If you have any questions or concerns please leave as a comment below? I would love to hear from you.