The Connected Educator

Topic of conversation: The Connected Educator

When: Tuesday, 13 October, 4-5pm Melbourne Australia time. Please note that we are on daylight saving and are now utc+11 or gmt+11.

Link to the recording

About this session: Discussions will take place around the theme for October “Connected Educator Month”

  • Why is it essential to be connected?
  • Participants will be encouraged to share how they became connected
  • Sharing of successful stories and outcomes of being connected
  • What are the positives of being an actively connected educator?
  • What are the challenges of being connected?
  • Sharing some  tools and apps that help with being connected and overcoming the challenges that this involves.
  • Special global days to be connected – Global Dignity Day, International Peace Day, World Read-aloud Day and others. What would you add?