Programming for Everyone – CodeCrunch, Scratch, Kodu and TouchDevelop

When: Tuesday 27th May, 4-5pm Melbourne Australia time gmt+10 See timeanddate for your day and timezone.

Where: Blackboard Collaborate. Link to the recording

About this session: Marc Grossman, from London UK,  will virtually  present on one of his passions “Programming for everyone: CodeCrunch, Scratch, Kodu and TouchDevelop.” He will  demonstrate the following coding tools:-

  • Code Crunch from EducationCity is aimed at young children 6+
  • Scratch from MIT is aimed at children 8+
  • Kodu from Microsoft Research is used to design games in a 3D world.TouchDevelop also from Microsoft Research is used to write programs that work on tablets, smart phones and web browsers.
  • Code Club World/Australia!

marc grossman

About our presenter: Marc is a primary literacy, numeracy and ICT teaching assistant: Scratch and Kodu dabbler, Microsoft Windows and office hack, Programmer(33+ years). His previous presentations have been energetic and had high impact, so with current conversations and push for students to do coding, this session is a must! Please join us!

Find Marc on twitter.