Blogging with Bling!

Add some bling to your Blogs

When: Tuesday June 21st, 4-5pm Melbourne Australia time

Mel Cashen will be our guest presenter, talking about some her favourite technology tools that she uses in the classroom. Mel will demonstrate

  • How she got into blogging.
  • How the way she  uses blogging has changed (kids taking more responsibilities). See her class blog
  • The web 2.0 tools she likes to use on it
  • How students are introduced to  blogging

Please join us and share in the conversations.

Here is a link to the recording

Educational Blogging – Teaching Commenting and Encouraging Parent Participation

A screen shot of Mrs Yollis Classroom blog

A screen shot of Mrs Yollis Classroom blog

Our next Tech Talk Tuesday session will be on Tuesday, February 22nd at 4pm to 5pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+11). This is actually Monday for many in the USA and similar time zones.

Tech Talk Tuesdays welcomes Linda Yollis, Los Angeles, USA as our guest presenter. Linda was highly successful in the recent Edublogs Awards 2010:-
1. Winner of Lifetime Achievement 2010
2. First Runner Up of Best Classroom Blog 2009, 2010
Linda is responsible for a very successful and effective class blog called Mrs Yollis’ Classroomand has written guest posts for the Challenge Yourself to Blog project. Her class created the “How to Compose a Quality Commenting video”.
In this session, Linda will share the way that she approaches the all important commenting element of blogging and will also discuss how to get parents involved. Linda, from Los Angeles, USA, has been an elementary school teacher for 24 years. She is committed to meaningful integration of technology in the classroom and is passionate about educational blogging. Don’t miss this exciting session.
Here is the link to the recording

Are you able to attend?