Transforming Classrooms with Connected and Social Learning

When: Tuesday October 28th, 4-5pm, Melbourne, Victoria time (gmt+11)

Where: Blackboard Collaborate – Click on this link to join the session or copy and paste this url into your browser

About this session: Social media provides an opportunity for students to connect, collaborate, be inspired and engage in social learning. Giving students these opportunities should be a priority for all educators. Social learning encourages knowledge transfer and connects people globally, enabling students to experience the world through a different lens. Social Media in the classroom can enable engagement and empowerment of learners, benefit their educational outcomes and prepare digitally literate, innovative and confident digital citizens. For the majority of the students we teach, social media is a part of their daily lives. Social and connected learning allows both teachers and students to leverage their use of digital tools in order to involve themselves in interest based, hands-on, active, production driven learning. This session will look at social media and global collaboration tools that promote social and connected learning in the classroom and how teachers can flatten walls and transform traditional classroom environments.

About our presenter:  Bec Spink is the Digital Learning Leading Teacher at Aitken Creek Primary school in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. Much of her time is spent supporting and mentoring other teachers to treat and technology as an integral component of classroom practice. She aims to give all students an opportunity to participate in real-world learning opportunities and experience recognition of their learning from a global audience. For the past few years, she has concentrated on improving assessment practices within her school and networks through the use of mobile technologies. Bec is an international Education Ambassador for Evernote and in 2013  was awarded a state education excellence award for her commitment and dedication to leading technology innovation in classroom practice.


Evernote: Become an Organised and Paperless Educator!

When: Tuesday Sept 18th, 4-5pm, Melbourne, Australia time (gmt+10)

About this session: Bec Spink will be our guest presenter. She will speak on a passion of hers – the use of Evernote in the classroom. See Bec’s blog – Miss Spink on Tech.

One of Bec’s tweets reads:-

Evernote is an easy-to-use, free app that helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use. Stay organized, save your ideas and improve productivity. It is cross platform and cloud computing at its best! In this session, Bec will discuss the following:-

  • Why use evernote?
  • How to take notes?
  • How to track student progress!
  • Using checklists
  • Using evernote for a work program and running records
  • How to use the webclipper!
  • Kustomnote
  • Put the internet to work for you with ifttt

Don’t miss this great session. Here is the link to the recording of this session.

What questions do you have of Bec? Have you used evernote and if so, how? Would you recommend its use in the classroom?