What is needed to bring eLearning to the next level? – an overview

An interesting discussion took place this afternoon re “What is needed to bring eLearning to the next level?” Our participants were global – Kenya, USA, Malaysia and Australia. They came from many avenues of education.
Here is what it looked like:-

  1. Participants shared what they had been up to this week
  2. Wrote  the topics that should be further discussed on the whiteboard
  3. Discussion then took place using microphone, whiteboard and chat

Following are the discussion topics:-

  1. What are the barriers to eLearning?
  2. Mentoring – two way mentoring
  3. Mainstream education, different learning styles  and environment
  4. What are the foundation skills needed for any eLearning?
  5. Outline the stages for e-skills, e-learning
  6. Andrew Douch’s comment needs to be added in

You can listen to the recording to catch all the conversations.