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4 thoughts on “Feedback/Evaluation

  1. Hi, I wish to attend these conferences and when I tried to log in, I was knocked back. I tried to register in order to sign in and the same thing.
    What are requirements to be able to pick up some pointers please. I am the Trainer at Howlong Golf Club doing the “Broadband for Seniors” program

  2. Dear TechTue Boys & Girls

    I’d like to check to see if there is going to be a tech Tuesday on the 27th November …

    The reason I’m asking is that I’m running a face-2-face workshop in Singapore on that day (the first day of four) and thought I might drop into the webinar with the group on that day (about 20 teachers) … the timing is about right as it is an after lunch time.

    This is to introduce them to the BBC platform and we’d probably only stay about 30 mins … am not sure if the network or their machines would hold up to them logging in individually … more likely me logging in and projecting on a screen … which would be not as rich as if they could chat individually.

    Anyway please let me know if you have a session planned for that day .. if not then I’ll probably twist someone’s arm to Skype in.

    BTW … my session on that day is all about ICT support for Collaborative Learning and Self Directed Learning …. but it does not matter so much what the content of the TechTue is … as it’s the process I want them to experience.

    Many thanks


  3. Hi Chris, this is Anne who hosts Tech Talk Tuesdays. I love the idea of you bringing in Singapore teachers. The two people whom I thought I had organised have had to postpone their session, so I wonder whether it just be this Tech Talk Tuesday simply be a time to explore the virtual classroom, with interactive activites etc. What do you think?

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