2013 in Review!

When: Tuesday, December 3rd 4-5pm, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia time (gmt+11) See timeanddate for your timezone.

Where: Link to the recording

About this session: As this will be the last webinar for the year, the topic of conversation will be “2013 in Review”. It is hoped that participants will share on the following, so please  bring along:-

  • highlight(s) for 2013
  • one frustration that you may still have
  • your favourite new tool
  • your tried and tested ‘oldie goldie” favourite tool
  • something funny that happened over the year
  • a New Year’s Resolutions
  • your opinion on the best trending topic
  • a blog post that has resonated with you or a conference or session you attended etc

Please come along and help build the conversations. If you feel you have nothing to contribute please also come as the conversations and questions will add to the interest. Hope to see you for this, the final Tech Talk Tuesday for 2013.

Learning at ISTE13

When: July 16th, 4-5pm, Melbourne, Victoria time (gmt+10) See timeanddate for your day and time zone

About this session: ISTE could well be the world’s largest educational technology conference. It is a huge and an amazing event. The 2013 ISTE conference was held recently in San Antonio, Texas, USA and I was fortunate to attend this as my second ISTE conference. There were

  • over 13,100 registered participants representing 74 countries,
  • 373 virtual participants using Access ISTE and
  • 4500 exhibitor personnel showcasing the latest in ed tech from 49 companies.
Anne Mirtschin will lead a discussion on the nature of the conference, how to be prepared for such a big conference, some great experiences and opportunities,  the trending topics, trending tools and apps etc. There will be time to play with some of these tools during the webinar. They include educlipper, padlet etc. Please join us and share in the conversations.

The Bloggers Cafe


A year of Tech Talk Tuesdays 2010

Our school year in Australia is about to finish, this Friday 17th December. Our last Tech Talk Tuesday for the year will be a Celebration and Christmas Party (more details to come)!

Below is a summary of all the Tech Talk Tuesday sessions for 2010, including icebreakers, the formal presentations snf  informal discussions. If you were part of this as either a presenter or a participant – a big thank you to you for your precious support. Hope to see you on Tuesday and if not, see you in 2011. Dont forget to vote for this series in the edublog awards – Best educational webinar series!

Tech Talk Tuesdays 2010 from Anne Mirtschin on Vimeo.

Reflections mid semester on Tech Talk Tuesdays

Over 2010, I have been responsible for the organisation and moderation or co-moderation of this weekly session on a Tuesday from 3:45-4:45pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10) This is part of my one day per week partnership with the Innovations and Next Practise Division of DEECD. Here is my report on this series and I would love your comments or feedback, especially re directions, future sessions and possible presenters.

Tech Talk Tuesdays – organised and moderated and co-moderated 5 sessions term one, one in the Autumn school holidays, 10 sessions for term 2. Ultranet coaches were involved as much as possible as moderators, but then as the ultranet launch became imminent.  Associated Tasks: responding to any questions/requests from presenters, practising with the presenter when they request it, opening up the room one hour to three quarters of an hour early etc.  Blog posts/discussions and appropriate screen dumps  are also added after each session to the Educators Guide to Innovation, together with interesting comments and urls from the chat. Originally targeting Victorian teachers, it has grown into a global session with all tiers of education represented at times, including members from the broader community affiliations to education. (eg The Alannah and Madeline Foundation, Sydney community radio etc)  At another time, a class from India was online with their teacher when blogging was the topic, so that they could learn to blog.


  1. To provide a weekly session for interactive discussions by educationalists using technology in education, primarily for Victorian educators.
  2. To provide educationalists with the opportunity to listen to other innovative  educationalists, predominantly from Victorian schools and institutions.
  3. To establish a network of communities who are interested in education, so that connections and further communication can take place re education and push innovation forward at an upscaled pace.
  4. To connect communities related to education together.
  5. To provide a mix of sessions – general, open and interactive sessions plus guest presenters

Here is a list of the sessions:-

Date Topic Presenter
2nd March What a Bright Idea (blogging) Judith Way – Blogger for the SLAV “Bright Ideas Blog”
9th March Equipping the Digital Classroom General online discussion with participants
16th March m-technology with iPod touches Louise Duncan (Lindsay Thompson Fellowship winner 2009)
23rd March Meeting your Network! Stories from Educon 2.2 Jenny Luca – John Ward Award from School Library Association of Victoria (SLAV)
30th March(School holidays) What is needed to bring Education into the 21st Century? General online discussion with participants
13th April Going 1:1 Laptop Program Helen Otway, Manor Lakes College
20th April Working with Online Images General online discussion with participants
27th April Learning Adventures Adrian Camm
4th May 3D Virtual Worlds – One School’s Journey Steve Collis – Northern Beaches Christian School in NSW
11th May Gifted Students James Spittal (Merspi)
18th May Is it really pen and paper? Jenny Ashby
25th May Voice First Lois Smethurst
1st June Web Conferencing for Student Collaboration Claire Bloom
8th June Flat Classroom Projects Julie Lindsay –Beijing International School
15th June Let’s Have Fun in the Classroom Lynette Barr

Numbers have varied from 7 to 25 participants, with many others listening to the recording after the session. Countries represented have been Australia, USA, India, China, Thailand, England, Lebanaon, Mongolia, Spain etc Participants have come from all tiers of education, from other countries around the world and community members who have an interest in education.)

The sessions are advertised on:-

Further ideas for improvement:-

  • Provide a certificate of attendance to those who would like them for VIT proof of attendance and/or other countries
  • Follow up survey. Classroom2.0 has the survey pop up as the participant leaves the room. How can we do that? Otherwise I shall add it as a link within the chatroom and hope they fill it in.
  • Add the recordings to iTunes and start up an iTunes channel
  • Open a facebook page and encourage ‘fans of’ page
  • Broaden the presenter network further to other countries, now that there are many other Victorian webinars
  • Continue to expose educators to the latest in cutting technology thinking and application to education
  • Consider running webinars that might involve classes
  • Encourage greater use of application sharing as this provides the richest atmosphere for sharing
  • Develop a google doc that is standard proforma as a letter of request to presenters: this includes how to test the elluminate room before the session, what works best in presenting etc
  • Encourage conversations to continue via discussions back on the Educators’ Guide to Innovation.
  • Continue to work on effective ice breakers and make effective use of the 45-60 mins that people are often in the room prior to the start of the session eg sharing conversations about our classrooms, personal interests, sharing photos etc
  • Love some of the ideas that Kim Caise gave us in her online session for eT@lking on Behind the Scenes of Classroom2.0LIVE