Favourite Open Source Tools

When: Tuesday 8th November, 4-5pm, Melbourne, Australia (gmt+11)

This week’s guest presenter will be Lenka Boorer, the Blended Learning Advisor Griffith University Business School, Qld, Australia. She is currently completing a Doctorate in Learning Skills for Anatomy students.

Lenka, who has broad experience in a range of teaching areas, will share with participants, the great tools she likes to work with that are open source and easy to use.

Here is the link to the recording

When Delicious Turns Sour, where ya gonna go?

sour delicious

A special Tech Talk Tuesday session discussed the unknown future of delicious. Several tools were shared and thanks to @scottduncan and @mrpbps (John Pearce) for sharing their delicious accounts and diigo accounts. Here is the link to the recording.

Alternative bookmarking sites that participants currently used

People wanted to discuss:-

  • What is social bookmarking?
  • What can we do with our delicious accounts now?
  • Would like to see examples and make comparisons
  • Does anyone know how to export to diigo?
  • What is the difference between an educators’ account and a normal one?
  • How can we keep diverse?
  • Discuss the diigo let
  • Does google have a bookmarking tool?

what is social bookmarking

advs of social bookmarking

Here are some intersting links and a video:-

  1. delicious wont be shut down says Yahoo
  2. transition of delicious to diigo frequently asked questions
  3. Migrating from delicious to diigo!
  4. A great post by Jen Wagner on “Hate Saying Goodbye

Tech Talk Tuesdays Special:- If it’s not delicious, do we diigo our bookmarks?


The twittersphere has been active with tweets regarding the news that the future of delicious (a popular online social bookmarking tool) is in jeopardy or about to change its platform. Delicious was one of my top 10 web2.0 tools and has been user friendly and popular with many. Most people are now exporting their bookmarks to diigo. This session will be a general discussion on what action can or should be taken, is diigo the best alternative, how do people export their bookmarks, what are the benefits of diigo and other alternatives etc.

It is hoped that some experienced users of both tools will join in this general sharing session. Come whether you are new or experienced.

Date of session: Tuesday, December 21st, 3:45-4:45pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt +10)

Here is the link to the session

A digital toolbox for the 21st century learner!

This was the title of a great presentation by Britt Gow an innovative science teacher at Hawkesdale P12 College. Britt has expertly incorporated online tools into her classroom and has a fabulous blog. In this presentation, Britt spoke  on her adaptation of the revised Bloom’s taxonomy for 21st century. This included tools used for

  1. Remembering and understanding
  2. Applying and analysing
  3. Evaluating and creating

Demonstrations of some of the tools used was included as well as samples of tool applications. Participants were also invited to share tools that they use, adding to the richness of the session.

Link to the recording

From the chat came the followint:-

  1. symbaloo
  2. k12 Online conference
  3. Collaborative online stickynotes and making use of collaborative sticky notes with linoit
  4. the hashtag for twitter for the K12 online conference is #k12online10
  5. Blooms taxonomy resources
  6. Diigo to help me remember favorite sites and from Peggy George: I always bookmark in Diigo and it cross-posts to Delicious so I have them both places
  7. @Peggy George – Wordle is such a powerful tool for synthesizing ideas
  8. Simple mind mapping tool = bubblus
  9. Mindmeister has a free and paid version for mindmapping
  10. Online graph maker
  11. online quiz maker – mystudiyo
  12. pollmakers:- poll everywhere and poll daddy
  13. yackpack
  14.  jing for screencasting
  15. use kidblog for younger students
  16. storyjumper
  17. Find Britt’s presentation for K12 Online
  18. comic life for iPods and comic touch for iPhone

What do I do with Web2.0?

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Jess McCulloch – an early uptaker of and innovator with web2.0, a young mother, a treasured colleague and vivacious presenter, talked about “My Use of Web 2.0”. Jess ably walked us through her blog and other favourite websites, featuring a number of web2.0 tools, answered questions and demonstrated their purpose. Jess talked about the Interactive Whiteboard Challenge which she organises and showed the wiki that is used for this project. Her audience came from a large number of countries – Germany, England, Canada, USA, Australia, Vietnam, South America and Ukraine. Listen to the recording.

From the chat: