Lego Animations on the Big Screen

When: Tuesday, November 11th, 4-5pm Melbourne Australia time (gmt+11) See timeanddate for your time zone.

Where: Online in Blackboard Collaborate Click on this link to join the session or copy the following url and paste in your browser.

About this session: During semester 1, 2014, Ben Gallagher, a teacher of grade 1/2, realised how much his students loved to create with lego. They were really enthausiastic about producing a film in animation with their lego models and so they did! The film was then screened at a 700 seat cinema and received excellent comments and support from Academy Award winning animator, Adam Elliot. Please join us and learn how this fantastic outcome was achieved with such young students!

About our presenterBen Gallagher,  is an innovative primary school teacher at Meredith Primary School and moderator of the student conference series. He is also a web conference coach for Digital Learning, DEECD. Find Ben on twitter.

2013 in Review!

When: Tuesday, December 3rd 4-5pm, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia time (gmt+11) See timeanddate for your timezone.

Where: Link to the recording

About this session: As this will be the last webinar for the year, the topic of conversation will be “2013 in Review”. It is hoped that participants will share on the following, so please  bring along:-

  • highlight(s) for 2013
  • one frustration that you may still have
  • your favourite new tool
  • your tried and tested ‘oldie goldie” favourite tool
  • something funny that happened over the year
  • a New Year’s Resolutions
  • your opinion on the best trending topic
  • a blog post that has resonated with you or a conference or session you attended etc

Please come along and help build the conversations. If you feel you have nothing to contribute please also come as the conversations and questions will add to the interest. Hope to see you for this, the final Tech Talk Tuesday for 2013.

End of Year, Christmas celebrations and virtual parties

Our year is nearly at an end so come along and celebrate, have fun, play games and get to know each other better, for this our last session of the year! Fun for all whether you are new to us or one of our regular participants!

When: Tuesday, December 14th 3:45 -4:45pm (Melbourne Australia time – gmt+11)

Topic: End of Year and Christmas Celebrations

As this is the last session for 2010, let’s celebrate with some
fun, games and general sharing. There will be presents for all,
so wear some party/Christmas headgear and share it using the video cam & microphone.
Bring a photo and share Christmas celebrations with those from other cultures.
Bring some food for the virtual feast (copyright free images etc)
Share your most exciting moment for 2010
Do you have any ideas for this last session? Add as comments below.
Here is the link to the session

Drawn by Ebonie, Year 9

Drawn by Ebonie, Year 9