Blogging – an essential online space!

Date: Tuesday, August 18th, 4-5pm, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (gmt or utc+10)

Where: Free online webinar in Adobe Connect virtual meeting room

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About the session: Blogging is an essential digital literacy in the 21st century. This session will be structured to suit the needs of the participants but the following may be covered:

  • why is blogging an essential digital literacy for both teachers and students?
  • posts and pages –
  • what can you write about?
  • the importance of categories and tags in blogging
  • how to add those wonderful widgets to the sidebar eg clustrmaps, weather, google translate, countdown etc
  • the importance of commenting, appropriate commenting
  • establishing an audience
  • how to expand a blog’s readership
  • how to create digital portfolios through blogging
  • tips and hints for successful blogging
  • where to find out more

Anne Mirtschin will step through a blog with demonstrations. Please join us and share in the conversations and bring your experiences and questions.

Connected Classrooms

Tech Talk Tuesdays commences its series of webinars for 2013 on Tuesday March 5th, with Mel Cashen as guest presenter, speaking about Classroom Connections.

When: Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 at 4pm, Melbourne, Australia time (gmt+11) Check your day and time zone at timeanddate

About this session: Learn about the different ways connections can be made to open your classroom up to the world and provide authentic opportunities for learning.

In the 21st century our classrooms are fluid, vivid and exciting places, where we can create, collaborate and communicate with others easily. Technology allows us to connect students to their learning by providing real life experiences.

See how Skype was used to hear stories from around the world during book week or the power of twitter in setting up connections with classrooms for procedural writing.  Look at collaborative blogs, which have ben set up to connect students and develop writing skills. After being inspired by these connections, learn how to use tools such as Twitter, blogs, Google+, Skype and Blackboard Collaborate to access and create these connections.

About our presenter: Mel is an Educational Designer interested in making technology, empowerment and connected learners the norm in education. You can  follow Mel on twitter

Here is the link to the recording of this exciting presentation. Please join us and share in the conversations.

Blogging and Global Collaboration

This month is Connected Educator month and this week’s Tech Talk Tuesday is a prime example of two Connected Educators blazing the trail in global collaboration.

When: Tuesday August 21st, 4-5pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10)

About this Session: Flattening Classroom Walls with Educational Blogging

Award winning teachers,  Kathleen Morris from Australia and Linda Yollis from the USA have successfully integrated technology and learning through blogging and global collaboration. In early 2009, Linda, came across Kathleen’s class blog. One comment has lead to years of learning and collaboration through blogging and global projects. In this presentation, they will share their story and also offer you

  • insights into the benefits of educational blogging and global collaboration
  • a summary of how our students have worked together on blogging and global projects
  • an overview of how we use a variety of technologies in our collaboration
  • ideas on integrating blogging and projects into the curriculum
  • tips for getting started on your own journey with global collaboration

Here is the link to the recording. This popular presentation was initially made at ISTE12. Do not miss this great opportunity to hear first hand of the wonderful work of these two highly regarded teachers, who have both won many awards for the work that they are doing.

What questions might you have of them?

Little Smarties – Blogging with the Early Years

Stefanie’s great blog header

When: Tuesday, August 14th 4-5pm, Melbourne, Australia time (gmt+10)

About this session: Stefanie Galvin will be our guest presenter.  “The Little Smarties” in room 16 is the title of her class blog with grade prep/ones. Stefanie will  share how she started blogging with the Preps last year (as part of The Victorian DEECD’s Contemporary Literacy Practices in the Early Years research project), how she uses it in her classroom, the participation and support from school and the local community, and how it’s shaping their school environment.

Please join us and share in the conversations. Here is the recording of this session.

Connecting Educators: Blogging

When: Tuesday 7th August, 4-5pm Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10) About the session: August is Connected Educator Month. Blogging is a great means of connection. In fact, many would argue that a blog is an essential digital literacy for educators and students. A blog is an online space that can be used for connecting, communicating and creating on a global basis. Sue Wyatt, from Tasmania, will be guest preenter this week. She will share and highlight the importance of blogging, the powerful directions and connections that blogging can take and make. The student blogging challengeis about to commence. Sue organises and moderates this challenge. The challenge brings in students and educators from across the world, giving them a chance to learn the skill of blogging, making connections with others or further developing their network and skill levels. Come along with your questions, your experiences and your support and further your connections.

Here is the link to the recording

Pre or post reading:

Educational Blogging – Teaching Commenting and Encouraging Parent Participation

A screen shot of Mrs Yollis Classroom blog

A screen shot of Mrs Yollis Classroom blog

Our next Tech Talk Tuesday session will be on Tuesday, February 22nd at 4pm to 5pm, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+11). This is actually Monday for many in the USA and similar time zones.

Tech Talk Tuesdays welcomes Linda Yollis, Los Angeles, USA as our guest presenter. Linda was highly successful in the recent Edublogs Awards 2010:-
1. Winner of Lifetime Achievement 2010
2. First Runner Up of Best Classroom Blog 2009, 2010
Linda is responsible for a very successful and effective class blog called Mrs Yollis’ Classroomand has written guest posts for the Challenge Yourself to Blog project. Her class created the “How to Compose a Quality Commenting video”.
In this session, Linda will share the way that she approaches the all important commenting element of blogging and will also discuss how to get parents involved. Linda, from Los Angeles, USA, has been an elementary school teacher for 24 years. She is committed to meaningful integration of technology in the classroom and is passionate about educational blogging. Don’t miss this exciting session.
Here is the link to the recording

Are you able to attend?

Blogging isnt Just for Big Kids

Kathleen McGeady was our  fabulous presenter this week, speaking about the power of blogging, especially with her young class.  Kathleen blogs with grade 2s (7-8 year olds) with a class blog, called 2KM She spoke about the many elements of blogging including comments. It was through comments that she met Linda Yollis  from USA and a firm partnership developed, along with others. A Ugandan Project that was organised between these schools and one in Shanghai raised $20,000! Amazing!

Links shared by Kathleen:-

  1. The Ugandan Project video
  2. Tools to use within the blogging platform :- glitzvokitagxedoslideshare,polldaddy, teachertubephotobucketembedit,
  3. Check out these blogs
  4. globber
  5. Getting started with edublogs

From the chat:-

  • Mel Cashen 1: Tom Barrett suggests tagging posts with student names and this can form a portfolio at the end of th year
  • Mel Cashen 1: Today I left a video explaining the lesson for a CRT on the blog.  Easy access for the teacher and the kids can then go back and watch it again at home.
  • Kelly: HUGE bonus of a blog is the parent support
  • Sample of a young student’s blog
  • Mel Cashen 1: We do a lunchtime blogging club every Friday
  • Linda Yollis: I have the parents set up the blog with the children. I did some parent ed.
  • Jenny Ashby: yes its better in context as part of the learning not an extra
  • Jayne: How old are your students? This could be great inspiration to my adult ESL students – to see what young children can do!
  • Have used Kidblog as a blog for young kids and beginners
  • the edublogger for lots of great help and advice
  • Sue Wyatt aka tasteach: or join the student blogging challenge which I run twice a year for ten week periods
  • Primary tech teacher
  • google reader for blog subscriptions
  • Linda 4: twitter is a must

Blogs shared:-

  1. Kids in the mid
  2. 4/5/6 Learning Centre
  3. LEEP
  4. 2kj Leopold PS
  5. Mrs Yollis Classroom blog
  6. Epsom Primary School
  7. The Reading Roundup
  8. Teaching Literacy
  9. The Global Education Conference

Here is the link to the recording.