Is it really pen and paper?

Jenny Ashby is a prep to 1 classroom teacher in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. Jenny described the live scribe pen, demonstrated its potential uses and ways in which it had been used in her classroom. She walked us through some of the files that she had saved and readily answered questions. Stu Knox from Curtin University was a participant and they are trialling the livescribe pens with their ESL students.

Link to the recording.

From the chat came the following:

Going 1:1 laptop program

Our guest presenter for “Preparing for a 1:1 Learning Environment – a Pedagogical View” was Helen Otway, Assistant Principal of Manor Lakes  P-12/Specialist School. Helen generously shared the pedagogy surrounding their creation of the learning environments at their new school. Part of this environment was a laptop program for year 7s in 2009 which has now continued into a program for years 7 and 8 this year. Her professional presentation and engaging manner captured many complimentary remarks.

The link to the recording can be found here.

Our audience came from:  

  1. Australia, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore and India.
  2. Many were prep to year 12 educators, including our global participants
  3. Teachers, educationalists, specialists, people on leave, retirees!

Comment of the session! One of our US participants set her alarm to get up in the early hours of the morning and her closing comment was :- “Thanks tons! Was definitely worth getting up in the middle of the night” The global conversation is extremely stimulating and it is fantastic to share and compare our learning environments.


  • Helen speaking about the learning environments they wanted to create, how they captured those environments and how they connected with their community to ensure they involved them.
  • The amazing discussion between the global participants comparing learning environments in each country.

Interesting links from the chat:-

Interesting questions:

  • Peggy George: Are you using the transformative guidelines for fair use?
  • Andrew Chiu 1: Has going 1-to-1 placed pressure / started a direction away from age-level groupings (grade levels) and more towards ability groupings (classes / courses with different age groups)?