Sharing our favourite apps and tools

When: Tuesday April 28th 4-5pm, Melbourne Victoria time (gmt+10)

Where: Blackboard Colaborate Click on this link to join the session

About this session: Bring along your favourite apps and tools to share with the other participants. Or, simply join us to see what others like to use either for personal use or for the classroom and consider ways in which you or your classrooms could also use them.

Podcasting with Students

When: Tuesday, September 2nd, 4-5pm Melbourne Victoria time (gmt+10) See timeanddate for your time zone

Where: Blackboard Collaborate Please click on this link to join the session.

About this session: Brian Riley of Our Lady of the Southern Cross an innovative primary school will share his work and the tools used in creating the “olscwynpodcasts” with students. If you would like a sneak preview of their work, goto or search the iTunes Store for ‘olscwyn’ & subscribe. Please join us and share in the conversations.

Lego Animations! Now Connected Learning at its Best!

Please note that at the last moment, Ben Gallagher was unable to present for this session this afternoon. The session will be rescheduled for a later date. Instead, participants shared their classses, their role in education and interests. They were asked what questions they might have in regard to learning and technology. The questions/topics of interest were:-

  1. An interest to know more about connected learning
  2. How to edit out small segments of a movie on a Mac computer!

Peggy George a regular supporter of Tech Talk Tuesday needed help with the editing. Ben, one of our participants suggested iMovie. Clever use of application sharing and collaborative discussions/suggestions finally worked out how to do this. A fine example of how amazing connected learning can be!

The use of padlet for connected learning between a class in Australia and one in Malaysia was demonstrated. The link to the recording can be found by clicking on this link.


When: Tuesday, 26th August from 4-5pm See timeanddate for your time zone

Where: Blackboard Collaborate Click on this link to join the session

About this session:– During semester 1 in 2014, Ben Gallagher, a teacher of grade 1/2, found his students loved to create with lego. They were really enthausiastic about producing a film in animation with their lego models and so they did! The film was then screened at a 700 seat cinema and received excellent comments and support from Academy Award winning animator, Adam Elliot. Please join us and learn how this fantastic outcome was achieved with such young students!

About our presenterBen Gallagher,  is an innovative primary school teacher, acting Principal at Meredith Primary School and moderator of the student conference series. He is a web conference coach for Digital Learning, DEECD. Find Ben on twitter.

Edmodo in the Classroom and Beyond

When: Tuesday, March 19th, Melbourne Australia time (gmt+11) See timeanddate for your day and timezone

Where: Blackboard Collaborate Click on this link to enter the webinar.

About this session: Private social networking sites are fast becoming an everyday part of the curriculum at schools across the globe. Can these technologies be meaningful in the early and middle years of school? One school is making sure the classroom is always open, even when the students are at home. This session will introduce Edmodo, a safe social network for students and teachers to conduct formal and informal communication, sharing of ideas, reminders and inquiry projects. Edmodo is forever changing and this session will peruse the new aspects and discuss how you could tailor it to a particular age group.

Participants will then be taken on a hands-on exploration of Edmodo including how to embed content, set assignments and quizzes, create polls and work collaboratively.

This session is great for the teacher that works in a school where digital technology is slow to get off the ground and has little take up across the staff; the busy teacher that wants to ‘try things out’ but doesn’t know how to in the busy weekly timetable. This session will also include a ‘hands on’ section where participants can join an edmodo group and actually experience how it works.

About our Presenter: Rick Kayler-Thomson is a primary teacher in Geelong, Victoria, Australia with his feet firmly planted in ICT

Engaging students with technology in mathematics


When: Tuesday, August 9th 4 to 5pm Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10)

About the session: Learn how edmodo, wikis and web tools are used to engage students from years 5 to 9. Meet Penny Bentley, our presenter, who has been experimenting with the use of web 2.0 tools in maths and numeracy to engage students and improve learning outcomes. Penny will explain how she uses games for skills practice, audioboo and an ipad app ShowMe for kids to talk about/reflect on what they are doing. Penny has created a wiki for each of her private tutorial students where they embed their work. Her use of Edmodo will also be shared.

Please join us and share in the conversations.

Here is the link to the recording of this session.

Footsteps in Digital Learning

word cloud

When: Tuesday 2nd August 4-5pm, Melbourne, Australia time (gmt+10)

About this session:- There are a wide range of technological devices available today and many have a use in the classroom. This session will talk about some of these devices and how some schools are using them in the classroom at a variety of levels and subjects with great success.  We will look at devices such as iPods and iPads, netbooks, digital microscopes, spypens, beebots, virtual worlds, games and making 3D movies with Flip Cameras.  Our presenter will be Marion Spencer. She may be joined by Trudy Brentnall.

About Marion Spencer:- After being in the classroom for over 30 years as a primary teacher, Marion was seconded to a regional position to train teachers in the use of ICT in educating students. As an Ultranet coach and a regional ICT role for the last four years, this work has continued with the added bonus of the Ultranet. Marion is also a Regional Innovations Liaison Officer for the Victorian Department of Education.

Here is the link to join in the session.

Tech Talk Tuesdays:Engaging Students with Technology

girls in class

When: Tuesday June 14th, Melbourne, Australia (gmt+10)

About this Session:This session will focus on engaging students through technology, with a particular emphasis on the creative arts. We will be looking at recording, video, audio, claymation, animation, games etc. Something to unleash the creative spirit in the most reluctant learner!

Our presenter:Sally Walsh  is a web conference coach for 2011 with the Virtual Conference Centre, DEECD and an innovative classroom teacher.

Here is the link to the recording

Within, across, beyond : using technology to connect kids and realise a vision

About this session:- This presentation will focus on the following :

  • connecting kids within the school using a wordpress multi-blog site and buddypress;
  • connecting kids across schools through interschool discussions, using videoconferencing; and
  • connecting kids beyond schools to our Virtual Experts, a team of online scientists, historians, graphic designers, filmmakers and engineers who help our kids in their learning.

Come join us and share in this exciting use of technology in the classroom. Rob Sbaglia and Simone Uren will be guest presenters.

About our presenters:-

Dr Robert Sbaglia is the ICT coordinator at Castlemaine North Primary School, Australia and team-teaches grades 5 and 6. Prior to Castlemaine North, Dr Sbaglia has been an Ultranet coach, a secondary school teacher and a research scientist. He has a particular interest in using ICT to connect students beyond the classroom.

Simone Uren is the literacy coordinator at Castlemaine North Primary School, Australia and holds a position on the leadership team at the school, where she team-teaches grades 5 and 6. Ms Uren has a particular interest in the application of ICT in literacy

What great visions! Thanks for sharing the work you do. Here is the link to the recording

Tech Talk Tuesdays: Little Big Education

Adrian demonstrating augmented reality

Adrian demonstrating augmented reality

Adrian Camm has won major awards in recent times for his innovative work, primarily with technology, including the Outstanding Secondary Teacher of the Year Awards for Victoria for 2010. In the recent Tech Talk Tuesdays’ session, he spoke about his teaching  career, some of the conferences that he has attended in recent months and his current position with Quantum Victoria where he is experimenting with games technology, augmented reality, virtual reality etc

From the chat came the following:-

In sharing Tips, Trick and Tricks

General Chat

Link to the recording

Tech Talk Tuesdays: Building a Digital Classroom in 2011

digital classroom

Tuesday February 8th from 4pm to 5pm Melbourne, Australia time (gmt+11)

Come along and join in our first Tech Talk Tuesday webinar in 2011. (Please note the later starting time.) This will be a general sharing of conversations and discussions amongst participants about:-

  • Goals for 2011
  • What is a digital classroom?
  • What are the basic hardware essentials of a digital classroom?
  • What are the best web2.0 tools to use?
  • What online/global projects are there to participate in?
  • How do we find connections? etc

Here is a link to the recording. If you have any questions or concerns please leave as a comment below? I would love to hear from you.