Apps and Tools for the Global Educator

When: Tuesday 17th November at 4-5pm Melbourne Victoria time (gmt+112)

Where: The Global Education Conference Blackboard Collaborate room. Click on this link to join

About this session: The amazing global education conference is on over 4 days this week, spreading over 24 hours a day to cater for the global audience. Participants in this webinar will help crowd source some apps and tools that can be used in the increasingly global world of ours, where global education takes on an essential nature.

Global education means that different languages, cultures, religions etc can use technology to connect and learn from each other. What are the essentials for success? What tools and apps can we use to ensure engaged learning and understanding? Please join us and build a list to share with the world.

If you cannot join us, what tools and apps do you use on a global scale? Please add as a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Apps and Tools for the Global Educator

  1. I am currently learning about, and loving, Global Education. I am in my senior year of College for teaching and I have never heard of Global Education/Learning. Very useful and I am currently looking into how to incorporate this into my classrooms. Thank you for the post, this site will be very useful.

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