Best Approaches to Global Collaboration

global collaboration

Tech Talk Tuesday will move to Tech Talk Thursday for next week, only, in order to celebrate Global Collaboration Day, Sept 17th, 4-5pm, Melbourne Australia time. It is hoped to capture a global audience, especially Asian participants as the time is friendly to them. Open discussions will take place re the Best Approaches to Global Collaboration

Where: The Australia eSeries Blackboard Collaborate Room. Click on this link to listen to the recording

About this session:

  • Why should we collaborate globally?
  • What do we need for true global collaboration?
  • How do we get started?
  • Where can we find others?
  • What can we do together?
  • Ideas for simple/complex projects/collaborations
  • Share stories
  • Questions that you have?
  • Where to now?

If you can bring a picture that represents where you are from? Can you also bring in a photo of what you see outside your window for sharing?

This  will be an interactive webinar driven by the participants, so please come along and support this global venture. If you have any questions please leave them as a comment below.


4 thoughts on “Best Approaches to Global Collaboration

  1. Hi Carola, this is one of the greatest challenges to true collaboration in live time – time zones. I am sorry that you cannot make it but the webinar will be recorded and I shall share the recording link back here. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. This is the 2nd conference I’ve missed today due to access issues. I’ve downloaded the Blackboard Collaborate software; I’ve followed the directions (I think!). I’m unable though to join the group (currently in session). When trying to launch/join, I receive the message, “Unable to launch conference…try joining the Session again.” So I am…but to no avail. Any support available? If not, please include me on your group email & or contact list. Thank you!

  3. This blackboard collaboration tool you use on this site is important. Providing people with a second chance to catch what they have missed and listen in on the webinars they have missed due to time zone restrictions is a plus. Not often have I seen this and I think it is great!

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