Social Media Apps Trending with our Students! Now Aug 12th

Please note that due to a bad bout of laryngitus, this webinar is postponed until Tuesday August 12th from 4-5pm

What year 7 girls 'see' when they hear 'cybersafety'

What year 7 girls ‘see’ when they hear ‘cybersafety’


When: There is now a new date for this session. Tuesday, August 12th from 4-5pm Melbourne, Victoria time (gmt+10) See your timezone in timeanddate

Where: Click on this link to join the session

About this session: What social media apps do you use? How safe are they? As the young, start to increasingly leave FaceBook, what social media apps are increasingly trending with our students? Why are many of these of high concern? What can be done to customize security and privacy settings to ensure that our students are kept as cybersafe as possible? What role should education take in all of this? Can we ever keep up? If not, what can be done? A recent talk by Greg Gebhart of Cybersmart has provided inspiration for this session.

This webinar will feature participant discussion, demonstrations and time to look at some of these apps and how to secure them. Please join us.

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