Mythbusting Gifted Students – part two

Image created by Jo Freitag

Image created by Jo Freitag

When: Tuesday June 10th from 4-5pm, Melbourne, Australia time (gmt+10) See timeanddate
Where Blackboard Collaborate Link to join this session

About this session: In the first of a two part series, this webinar will concentrate on “busting the myths” that surround gifted students.

What is a gifted student? Jo Freitag, @jofrei, will share her extensive knowledge of some of the myths surrounding giftedness. Some of the topics to be discussed in this session include:-

  • acceleration
  • hothousing
  • 2E students
  • elitism
  • ‘pushy’ parents

About our presenter: Jo Freitag is the administrator of Gifted Resources and is an Australian thought leader concerning Gifted Students. Jo has recently posted a series about busting the myths on “Sprites Site”.

This session promises to be an interactive one, so please join us and share in the conversations.

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