Network Media Champions

When: Tuesday, May 6th, 4-5pm, Melbourne, Australia time (gmt+10). See timeanddate for your time and day

Where: Blackboard Collaborate Click on this link to join the free webinar.

About the session: Carole McCulloch is this week’s guest presenter. Should we tell teachers which social media to use in their teaching? Do teachers need training in the implementation of social networking in their delivery? What social media choices would you make? What learning resources would you call on? Are you already a Social Network Champion? Carole is building a new professional development course ‘Social Network Champions‘ and invites you to collaborate on its design. Come along and discuss all of these questions and share your experiences and expertise with us.

About the Presenter: Carole is a semi-retired e-learning mentor and coach, still learning and loves sharing experiences and expertise on all things E.

Link to the recording

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