Tools for Student Engagement

When: Tuesday, April 23rd 4-5pm Melbourne Australia time (gmt+10). Please note that we are now out of daylight saving time. Check the time and date here for your time zone.

About this session:- Anne Mirtschin will lead a discussion on engaging students with technology. Discussion may centre around the following:-

  • is engagement in learning important?
  • what impact does it have on learning
  • how do we know when students are engaged – how does it look, feel and sound?
  • Sharing tools that participants have found to work
  • Looking at google apps, starting with google document and how it can be used for collaborative learning, sharing, engagement etc. This has been one of my favourite tools.

If you cannot make this session, it would be much appreciated if you could add your answers to the above questions. Hope to see you with us. Here is the link to the recording of this session.

2 thoughts on “Tools for Student Engagement

  1. Sorry I couldn’t make it. It’s my topic of study at the moment. Engagement V Compliance? Can teachers see the difference? Had a difficult class the most engaged I’ve seen last week with intro and use of the app Cargo Bot. Intend to take in more programming and investigate further. I’ve gone full circle back to 1991. Wow!

  2. Thanks Jenny for your recommendation of an app that engages. I have also had challenging classes this year and last. This has forced me to look at engaging them in learning using tools of technology. I am about to download the app as it looks great. I would love to know how you introduced it. Can’t help but remember the latest push to teach more coding to students from the USA using. Maybe you will have a spare Tuesday coming up soon to share this app and others that you find engaging.

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