Live Binders

When: Tuesday October 30th, 4-5pm, Melbourne, Australia time (gmt+11)

About the Session: Live Binders will be the topic of conversation this week with our special guest presenter, Peggy George of Arizona USA. Peggy is well known globally in her role as a co-host of Classroom2.0LIVE, the popular, long running webinar series.

Peggy will demonstrate the power of live binders for curation purposes, show some wonderful examples of its use and then show how to create your own. Peggy will use web tour and app sharing to take participants on a tour of some of these resources to show them the possibilities of Livebinders. See a recent example. Participants will be shown how to use it for personal, group or student use. Come along and share in the conversations.

Here is the link to the recording of this session.

2 thoughts on “Live Binders

  1. Thank you so much for inviting to share my passion for Livebinders on TechTalkTuesday. I had a great time and there was no problem filling an hour! I warned you that you would have to stop me once I got going. 🙂 Thanks also for adding the link to the Livebinder that we used to tour the many examples in our session. The value of having them all in a Livebinder is that you can go back and browse them whenever you have time or when you have a “need” to learn something from one of the tutorials. I personally love having compilations like this with all of the resources in one place. My contact information is on the Livebinder too so if anyone who participated or viewed the recording has questions, please feel free to contact me. Enjoy your adventures with Livebinders and please share links for any you or your students create.

  2. Hi Peggy, thank you so much for sharing your passion. I honestly wondered how we could fill an hour on Live Binders but we could easily have extended over two webinars or more. It would be great to have a session where people share what they have done and discovered in regard to Live Binders. Knowing how busy you are, we really appreciate your time.

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