Infographics in the Classroom

When: Tuesday 29th May 4-5pm, Melbourne, Australia time

About this session: Infographics are the ‘flavour of the month’ with two sessions in one week on this topic for the Australia Series. In this session, Mark Richardson will lead us through a discussion on infographics. Some of the following may be discussed:

  1. the role of infographics in and its place in learning,
  2. the ability to visualize concepts and
  3. some tools for creating infographics.

About Mark:  Mark Richardson has taught in primary schools for many years. He also has extensive experience planning and delivering professional learning to teachers in ICT / eLearning.

His current interests are

  • Learning Spaces and Places
  • Digital Pedagogies,
  •  Online Teaching and Learning
  • Collaboration
  • Digital Citizenship

Here is the link to listen to the recording.

Have you used infographics in the classroom? Reactions? Have you created infographics? What software have you used?

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