Tech Talk Tuesdays: What have you been up 2.0?

When: Tuesday, 18th October, Melbourne Australia time gmt+11

About this session: This is an unconference type Tech Talk Tuesdays, where participants can share what they have been up to in learning and teaching. Please bring your favourite technology tools, ideas, resources, problems, issues and open them up for discussion. Please join us and share in the discussions.

Here is the link to the session

One thought on “Tech Talk Tuesdays: What have you been up 2.0?

  1. Although there were only a small number of participants, we had a fascinating session. Penny had a couple of questions about the use of the new blackboard collaborate room, so we continued to work on other aspects of the room. Questions related to

    the new drop and drag modules and how best to place them, for prime viewing of chat, and whiteboard
    application sharing
    Everyone was made a moderator and each of the participants shared an application with us. This made for a fascinating session as the following were shared:-
    Penny Bentley’s new online site Cloud 9.
    @soingirl’s class blog Melody also shared what it was like to live, teach and learn on the island where she lives in Canada.
    Lenka shared some of the learning management system that she works within at a University in Queensland and some of the open source mobile courses that will be available soon for interested people. See Purdue University
    Thanks to our wonderful group of paricipants who willingly shared some of the amazing work that they are doing. It made for a great session. Here is the link to the recording

    Suggestions for future sessions were “Working with Students with Special Needs”.

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