Tech Talk Tuesdays: What Have you been up 2.0? – in review!

The Tech Talk Tuesday session for Tuesday, September 13th was an unconference session. Participants stated what they wanted to know and what they could share with the others using the whiteboard. Waiting for the session to begin – here are some creative minds at work! What participants wanted to know? What people could share

What participants could share!

Scott Duncan shared the recent hail storm with us all, whilst Peggy George from Texas complained of the hot weather and Helena in Kenya said that it was also quite cold. From the chat came the following:-

  • one of our participants was Learning about Web 2.0 to use with professional vocational education in medical health care
  • twiducate is safe social networking for schools.
  • Helena needs a program that would allow her distant, virtual students to share their screen with her – suggestions were skype and blackboard collaborate free vroom. Peggy George shared her skype screen through blackboardcollaborate so that we could see how to screen share using skype.
  • teamviewer can be used locally to see student desktop screens
  • discussed google hangouts in google+
  • From Tony “I love the principles/concepts that Angela Maiers shares in her book Passion Driven Classroom and Steve Farber’s book “Greater Than Yourself. Angela says you have to let people know they are a genius and can do anything–power of positive thinking”
  • From Michael “I like the way that A1 = appreciative inquiry creates change by focussing on positive experiences and successes
  • Validation – a fable of free parking
  • Mini Geek Fest
  • mini Geek Fest resources for whole year in this livebinder
  • Kevin Honeycutt’s keychains
Please join us this Tuesday for the continuation of these conversations.

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