Challenge Based Learning

What is Challenge Based Learning and why should you use it?

Challenge Based Learning is an approach which has:-

  • A multiple entry point strategy and varied and multiple possible solutions
  • A focus on universal challenges with local solutionsTech Talk Tuesdays v2_PopArt_7
  • An authentic connection with multiple disciplines
  • An opportunity to develop 21st century skills
  • The purposeful use of Web 2.0 tools for organizing, collaborating, and publishing
  • The opportunity for students to do something rather than just learn about something
  • The documentation of the learning experience from challenge to solution
  • 24/7 access to up-to-date technology tools and resources so students can do their work

from Challenge Based Learning: Take action and make a difference [Apple 2009] p.2

In this session, find out how Challenge Based Learning was used with Primary and Middle Years students, by someone who has actually taught it! This session will be presented by Mark Richardson.

When: Tuesday, March 8th, 4-5pm (Melbourne, Australia gmt+11)

About Mark:- Mark Richardson has taught in primary schools for many years. For the past decade he has been ICT Coordinator at Williamstown Primary School, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. He also has extensive experience planning and delivering professional learning to teachers in ICT / eLearning. His current interests are Web 2.0 technologies in schools, multimedia, using Web Conferencing as a teaching tool, Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy, Moodle / Ultranet, Challenge Based Learning, 1 to 1 Classrooms and anything on a Macintosh. Mark has an article on CBL which has just been published in Education Technology Solutions #41

Here is the link to join the session.

Please note the room will open at 3:30pm, Melbourne Australia time. This session will be recorded.

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