iPods in Literacy and Creating Guided Reading Materials

Jenny Ashby was our guest presenter this week and I would like to thank Britt Gow for organizing this presentation. Using application sharing to full effect,  Jenny shared with us some of the software tools that she uses, the manner in which she creates guided reading materials, how to make recordings in garage band, how to play through iTunes and much more. Thanks Jenny for sharing your experience, teaching methods and steps to producing materials.

The Participants:- came from from USA, Azerbaijan, Australia and the following educational pathways:- e-learning consultant – Daylight Communications, Special Education Grade 6 & 7,Hoover MS, visiting teacher for the deaf, student teachers, teachers of varying year levels/subjects and PD provider, LearnTel.

From the chat came the following:-

  • @Peggy George: I have used my ipod to project video on my TV
  • @Peggy George: such a great point! it’s not about the device but communicating and collaborating
  • audacity is for both mac and PC:-  http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
  • garageband makes it so easy to record podcasts
  • Joanne McQuillan: Last year I had one of our ex students (secondary) make an audio book like this for a Duke of Edborough project.
  • Zamzar for conversion
  • iSock – it’s puppets that you record your voices for speaking parts
  • search the iTunes store for phonics apps
  • link for comic touch
  • @Peggy George with an iphone you can actually take your own pictures and add the text bubbles to them-my grandkids love them
  • Slide to Learn social networking site
  • the Hand Held Learning confence in Arizonal april 6-8, 2011
  • Tony Vincent has a fantastic site for ipodtouch:

Link to the recording

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